I had a fantastic time speaking with the Lilac City Rochester Writers at the end of March. The group is an accomplished bunch with news of published titles, agents and plenty of writing.

I spoke to the group about writing non-fiction articles, essays, blogs and more. Why not make extra cash, get your name out there and help market your books? Why not use all that research you do for your books and why not use your everyday lives as fodder for writing?

The group was quite receptive and had wonderful questions at the end. I wish them all the best in their writing endeavors.

If you are looking for a speaker, I am available to speak on writing-related topics to writing groups, schools, clubs and more. Contact me here.

My article on Po’ Boys & Pickles, a New Orleans-style sandwich shop in the heart of Maine, is the cover story in the February issue of The Independent Restaurateur. IR is the largest all digital magazine dedicated to independent restaurant owners with over 45,000 subscribers and thousands of daily hits to their Website.

I’m so excited to feature this restaurant and to work with IR. Watch for future articles from me this summer. And of course, if you have an independently owned restaurant you think would make a great feature, give me a shout.